So You Want to Build a Fish Pond

You have a spacious back yard and you love water and fish. So you thought it would be a brilliant idea to enhance the beauty of your garden with a fish pond. You have done some research and have the time to put into maintaining and caring for your new friends. But what does building a fish pond require?1. Careful Planning
This is to minimise the effort in maintaining it later. You can always get advice from your local pond specialist or the internet.Plan:
a. Pond Location Wisely:You pond should be located
~ at the highest area of your garden: This is to prevent any water running into your pond from higher pastures especially if your garden floods during heavy rain.
~ away from trees: Deciduous trees shed leaves daily and could pollute your pond if not removed. Tree debris is also a problem.
~ in direct sunlight: This is to keep the ponds plants and fish healthy.b. A Suitable Sized Pond: the pond needs to be proportional to The size of your garden.c.A Suitable Shape: There are varying shapes to choose from including rectangular, oval and square.d. Lining For Your Pond: This is in order to prevent debris from getting in and to separate the ground from the pond so that the soil nutrients do not get into the pond.e. Addition of Suitable Plants: These are to be put around your pond and in your pond to absorb excessive nutrients. Water plants such as lilies help decrease the growth of algae. But you will still have to clean your pond regularly for the health and well being of your fish.f. Addition of Rocks: These are used to decorate the edges of the pond serving as an outline. Some rocks give off harmful substances that can endanger your fishes like. Just choose your rocks wisely.g. Your Fish Collection: There are many fish to choose from. You may know some friends or workmates who have fish ponds and can advise you or just check the internet.h. Your Pond Equipment: This includes the filter, aerating devices, fish food, leaf netting, covering for the winter, plant fertiliser2. Purchase all your pond requirements, except the fish.3. Create Your Pond
Start with digging the hole and go from there. ]4. Purchase Your Fish once the pond is fully completed and ready to use.Finally…. Enjoy Your New Interest

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